LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- Arkansas Business Internet editor Lance Turner shares today's top business headlines.

The market on edge for the past weeks waiting to see if a new recession would be triggered by higher taxes and more spending cuts stemming from the fiscal cliff. World markets also breathing a sigh of relief over the deal hashed out in Congress, with European and Asian markets all making gains of at least two percent.

USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren continuing to make changes at the top, terminating chief financial officer and executive vice president Darron Ming last week.

Ming had been with the trucking company for 15 years with the trucking company. His firing coming just two weeks after Thomas Glaser was named interim cheif operating officer.

USA Truck reported a 2.3 percent decline in third-quarter revenue, a loss of $6.1 million. The company reported $14.4 million in losses during the first nine months of 2012.

An oven range company owned by a company led by individuals affiliated with Little Rock's Stephens family was sold for $380 million.

Viking Range Corp. of Greenwood, Mississippi was bought by Illinois kitchen equipment manufacturer Middleby Corp.

All shareholders of Viking were either executives of Viking or had been a part of Stephens Inc or The Stephens Group, two companies run by the members of the influential investment family.

Viking sold $200 million worth of upscale kitchen appliances in 2012.

And a beer battle brewing in Benton County where voters recently approved the sale of alcohol in stores and restaurants.

Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis, Missouri, will likely distribute its Budweiser products through a distributor owned by an Oklahoma company.

This, as a distributorship sits down the road in Washington County, where it has been the go-to Bud guys for Fayetteville.

Sources tell Arkansas Business that the owners of the Arkansas company are not happy.

Meanwhile, all Miller and Coors distribution will happily be handled by Premium Brands NWA, with 10 new employees to be hired to handle the new service area.

(Source: Arkansas Business)

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