LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - More details are being released about the New Year's Day wreck on Interstate 30 that killed three people, including two children and a local pastor.

Originally, it was reported that two vehicles were involved in the wreck and thatone persondied. On Wednesday, that changed to two people being killed inthe one wreck.On Thursday, another police report was released which indicated a third vehicle was involved and that a third person had died.

Bill Sadler with Arkansas State Police helped clarify the situation with the information that is available at this time.

Sadler said two separate wrecks occurred within seconds of each other Tuesday night; since they were so closely related to each other they are being investigated as one incident.

Sadler said one vehicle was involved in both wrecks. The police reports show that car was a Chevy. It first collided with a Ford, which had a two-month old inside. That baby, Robert Cecola Jr. of Texas, died as a result of that wreck.

The second incident seemed to happen instantaneously after that one. It involved the Chevy and a Toyota vehicle. This collision is the one that killed Pastor David Harris, 64, of Little Rock and his 10-year-old granddaughter, Maci Harris.

Police have not arrested or charged anyone in these wrecks; however police did take one of the drivers into custody briefly Tuesday night. They have not said which car this person is associated with.

Sadler said police cannot discuss what caused either wreck or who may have been at fault. Arkansas State Police and special agents of the ASP's Criminal Investigative Division continue investigating; more information will be released once a final report is complete.

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