SALINE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Shortly after THV 11 New reported that a generator had been stolen from the McDade family, the generator was found.

According to Lt. Scott Courtney with the Saline County Sheriff's Department, deputies recovered the stolen generator and have one suspect in custody.

Generators have become a hot commodity since the snow storm hit. For The McDade family, their generator was an important piece of emergency equipment for their 6-month-old son. The life-saving piece of equipment was stolen from outside their home.

"He has dialysis every night for 11 hours, so when our power goes out like it did at Christmas, the generator ran his dialysis machine every night and also helped keep his food pump going," said Alexis McDade.

Dexter has a rare kidney disease and was undergoing chemotherapy and Arkansas Children's Hospital.

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