BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) - A Benton police officer is credited with saving the life of a local woman from a burning home.

Police said they responded to a house fire on Derby Road the day after Christmas at 10:15 a.m., and Officer Chris Goss saw thick, black smoke coming from all four sides of the roof.

According to the police department, a neighbor told Goss that the homeowner was bedridden due to a medical condition and was still inside, so Goss went inside to find them and crawled under the smoke where he found the homeowner in a bedroom.

Goss picked her up and carried her out of the back of the house as the smoke and flames were increasing at the front. She was carried to a neighbor's house and then turned over to paramedics to be checked.

THV 11's Max Seigle caught up with Officer Goss and family members of the woman that Goss rescued.

The Benton police officer that said he was just doing his job, crawling through a smoke-filled home during a fire the day after Christmas and rescuing 88-year-old Jessie May Flowers. To most people out there, Goss is a hero, but he's remaining humble about all of this.

Caution tape still surrounded this Benton home more than a week after the fire.

"The house was full of smoke--black smoke. It was probably about head level. There were flames in the kitchen," Officer Chris Goss said.

"Didn't know how fast that I had to go or how much time that I had to get her out," Officer Goss said. "At some point, I did get to my hands and knees to get back to the bedroom.... She was able to talk to me, and she thanked me for getting her out."

"I would say thank you so much. I would say thank you for finding us. Thank you for getting there when you did," Flower's daughter Jan Adams-Byers said.

She said the family used the fireplace the night before, and it seemed like it sparked the next day.

"First we thought that they'd just be able to put the fire out in the attic and downstairs. We'd just have some smoke and water damage, but then we saw the flames 8 to 10 feet and then we knew, 'No,'" Adams-Byers said.

It was a grim feeling, but Adams-Byers never doubted hope for a safe rescue. She actually saw Goss get to her mom but never got to thank him.

"I don't even know who he is. I just know he was one of the massive, wonderful men that worked there," Adams-Byers said.

"Just doing what everybody else would do. Just do your job," Officer Goss said.

It's another day's work for him, but he's shining star to others.

Goss said that this was actually not the first time he's done something like this; he mentioned another rescue on a previous job several years ago.

As for the most recent case, THV 11 did request to speak with the woman he rescued, but her family asked reporters not to.

Her family did say that their mother lived in an apartment in the back of the home, which belonged to one of her daughters. They also said that everyone else who was at the house when the fire hit escaped safely.

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