Craig's 'Winners and Losers" picks for the first week of 2013:

Winner: The Ostrich Pillow, a way to get away from it all without getting away from it all. On second thought, when you look at people with this thing on. Let's make this a loser. I'm sorry, I'm changing my mind. Oh I don't know. I hate conflict. Get me an ostrich pillow.

Our next recipient went from loser to winner this week: Speaker of the House John Boehner of Ohio. On New Year's Day he couldn't stop the Senate Bill from averting the fiscal cliff though he wanted to. But, yesterday, he was reelected House Speaker, and now feels like he has momentum going into discussions about raising the debt ceiling in March.

Loser, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who watched helplessly as his request for Hurricane Sandy relief funds never came to a vote because of the preoccupation with the fiscal cliff vote. Christie has been blasting Congress all week including members of his own party.

Now if you want an example of an elected official fighting a storm, look to Morrilton. Winner: Mayor Stewart Nelson, who called 'all hands on deck' before the snow storm last week. After the snow had ended last Wednesday, all roads in Morrilton were still open.

Ah but now that all roads are clear, we all get something to remember Old Man Winter by ... potholes. Which make Arkansas motorists losers.

Winner. Victor Dukes, a sophomore who stole the show at the Northeast Arkansas Invitational Basketball tournament, with this phenomenal dunk. Apparently gravity has no effect on this kid.

And the gravity of the situation at this home in Benton did not deter Officer Chris Goss of the Benton Police Department. He entered a smoke filled home, crawling along the floor, to get to 88 year old Jessie May Flowers. He rescued her from flames that reached 8 to 10 feet, and got her to safety. He never thought of the odds, he only did his duty.

In case you couldn't guess, Officer Goss is a winner.

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