LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On Thursday, Governor Mike Beebe spoke in front of the first combined meeting of military community councils at the National Guard Professional Education Center Auditorium on Camp Joseph T. Robinson in North Little Rock.

He talked about the money the state will miss out on if the Obama Administration decides to cut funds and jobs from one of the several military bases here in Arkansas.

Beebe said the 188th doesn't have to fly far for training like other A-10 units, and since they are not full-time employees, they don't cost as much in salaries as full time military.

"And so if you want to save fuel, if you want to save operational money, if you want to save in salaries, and you still want to have a very competent, professional organization, if you're gonna leave one A-10 outfit in the whole world whether it's regular, guard or reserve, it ought to be the 188th if you're trying to really efficiently save money," explained Beebe.

The governor said he will make his point again next week when the US Air Force Chief of Staff visits the 188th.

The three councils that met were the Camp Robinson/Camp Pike Community Council, the Little Rock Air Force Base/Jacksonville Community Council and the Fort Smith/Fort Chaffee Community Council.

This was the first combined meeting of the three community councils designed to connect and maximize the community and business voice in support of the military installations, force structure and capabilities housed at the various units located in these communities.

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