LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV film critic Jonathan Nettles takes a look at the film Zero Dark Thirty in this week's Today's Box Office.

Let me start this off by stating that Zero Dark Thirty is the only film I've seen that's been nominated for an Oscar. Therefore, I cannot comment on the film's ability to win nor will I comment on director Katherine Bigelow's absence from the Best Director category. On with the review...

Simply put, Zero Dark Thirty is the real story of the hunting of Osama bin Laden. Jessica Chastain plays a hard-nosed CIA Analyst whose sole mission is to find the Al Qaeda leader. The film starts with the September 11th attacks and incorporates real life events including the capture of high level terrorists, Guantanamo Bay interrogations, and other terror attacks. It's very intense and teeth grinding, especially the last act of the film in which we see the operation to kill bin Laden carried out.

You need to be aware that this film has graphic scenes of torture, realistic blood, language, and some very intense moments. I don't know how much of the details of the film are facts that can be verified, but the film claims to be the real story told from accounts of people who witnessed the greatest manhunt in history.

Zero Dark Thirty is an incredible film.

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