SAN DIEGO, CA (CNN/KGTV) -- A five gallon bucket full of cleaning fluid is being blamed for busting through the roof of southern California business and damaging a half-dozen cars.

The hole in the roof is almost a perfect circle, precisely the size of a five gallon bucket. Next door they are sighing with relief. Mike Gladden says, "Yeah, it could've just dropped on one of our trucks out here while we were working. So it was close."

Marines at Miramar knew it was one of theirs and immediately took responsibility. Lt. Tyler Balzer says, "An mb-22 osprey was departing mcas-miramar; as it flew over this place of business, it dropped a five gallon bucket of cleaning solution. It came through the roof, clipped the rear of the motor home or RV in there and then hit the ground and split."

County HAZMAT was called in but the cleaning solution was water-based, most of it had evaporated and there was no danger in the morning.

It might have been a different story had this happened at a different time. Batt. Chief Glen Holder says, "No, thank God. The building was abandoned... the building was unoccupied. The owners had closed shop yesterday at four, went home and when they came in this morning to open up shop; the first person on the bay floor noticed this on the floor, looked up and saw the hole in the ceiling and obviously something occurred.
Right now the number one thing to say is we're sorry for what happened."

He said the Marine Corps will cover all repairs to the building and the motor home that was damaged. Balzer says, "It appears, as it came down, to have damaged the Fiberglas on the back of it, chipped it, put a few holes in it so, like I said it is absolutely up to the business owner to determine then we're gonna take care of it."

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