LITTLE ROCK Ark.; (KTHV)--Just days after President Obama proposed a package of gun control measurespeople are speaking out.More than a 100 people rallied out to the state capitol Saturday.

The event, dubbed "Guns Across America" motivated people to head out to state capitols all around the nation to peacefully protest gun restriction.

Chants and cheers came from a passionate crowd at the capitol. One of those cheering was Jon Pease, who attended the rally with one goal in mind. "Voicing my opinion. I'm not in favor for any type of gun control at all," said Pease.

Someone who wasn't in the crowd was Randi Romo, who said,"We have armor piercing bullets that can take out a police, that's a problem." Romo says she doesn't want to take away anyone's guns, but thinks there should be some tighter restrictions on firearms. "We do have to be really concerned about is what does the average citizen really have the use for an AK47 or something than can fire 30 rounds of ammunition in a matter of seconds," explained Romo.

The rally comes after our president laid out 23 executive orders to curb gun violence. Some of those orders include universal background checks and bans on military style assault rifles.

"I write all of our congressmen. I write to state and federal, anyone I can and tell them how I feel about issues. W're lucky in Arkansas to have a pretty good coalition of people," says Pease. Pease also says, rallying with like-minded folks is nice. It's one of the ways he hopes to get the attention of those lawmakers he writes to.

Organizers hope to have more rallies. They also say they plan to invite their local representatives because after all, this is all about getting the attention of those creating laws.

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