PORT MACQUARIE, Australia (CNN) -- The weather conditions that brought on massive flooding in Australia seem also to have a rather lighter side-effect. The howling storm winds have churned up the sea near the sunshine coast, causing masses of "sea foam" to wash up on beaches there.

The howling winds churned up huge seas with some waves nearly four meters high are breaking up to a kilometer off the coast.

It looks like they're playing in a giant bubble bath, but this is sea foam; light, full of air and whipping its way onto Port Macquarie's Oxley Beach. For those who took the plunge, it wasn't necessarily pleasant. One person says, "Just absolutely disgusting, putrid stuff." Another says, "It's really weird, it's like you're jumping into a big cloud."

the phenomenon is a repeat of the bizarre scenes on the Sunshine Coast Sunday where a car emerged from nowhere.

The dirty water from the swollen Hastings River turned today's wild ocean a putrid shade of brown. It's churned up into foam, and washed ashore.

The churning ocean looks like a washing machine but further out the strong winds are causing rough seas, making for dangerous conditions.

Beaches right along the state's coast today were closed; the conditions were way too dangerous.
Newcastle copped the rough conditions too this morning as waves swept across the Merewether Baths.

The winds felled trees on some suburban homes but most of the region escaped major damage.

On the central coast, huge waves pounded Avoca creating a family spectacle of a different kind. But none quite as much fun as further north.