LITTLE ROCK Ark.; (KTHV)--More than a hundred people met to lay their son, brother and friend to rest. Mason Mauldin died in a plane crash more than a week ago. The family held a very personalized service, Mason Mauldin was known to many as a musician.

Saturday friends sang songs he wrote. Mauldin died along with three others in a plane crash. The other three from Louisiana, Mason from right here in Little Rock; where most know him for his time spent on the local music scene.

"We first met when his band moved into the same complex as my band." That was more than ten years ago, Marcus Lowe also recorded some of Mauldin's first demos.

Mauldin loved music, but also had a love for flying planes. His family showed some video at his memorial service Saturday of Mauldin flying. More than a hundred people came out, all wearing red since it was Mauldin's favorite color. You may recall, Mauldin was piloting a plane that crashed January 24th in Louisiana. Three others also died. The plane was from Little Rock and was flying from Texas to Monroe.

"He always had a smile, he was always looking me in the eye, very generous, seemed very genuine," explains Lowe. It's those genuine memories Lowe says he will be thinking about when he remembers his friend, Mason Mauldin. "He didn't have to try to be some sort of center of attention; he was very comfortable with himself and his surroundings."

After the funeral, friends went to Stickyz where Mauldin used to spend time performing. They met to celebrate his short life and after that they sent up sky lanterns on the Arkansas River. The National Transportation and Safety Board says there were problems with the landing gear but the full cause of the crash may take a year to uncover.