LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Medical Monday isn't just about your health, it's about keeping our families healthy too and for many of that means keeping our pets healthy.

Dr. Bob Hale with Briarwood Animal Hospital joins us to answer your pet questions.

Here are the questions he tackled on "THV 11 News This Morning":

Jackie Diggs-Weisel - All three of my dogs have Preventic collars on. They had them on while playing in the Christmas snow. Will the lose their effectiveness? Do I have to remove them for baths every time?

Donna Delbridge Cornish - What is a good dog food for a 5-year-old Silky terrier. I adopted him last year. I have been giving him canned dog food but I am not sold on it.

Elizabeth Ward - I have a female rat terrier, approximately 4-years-old and she is prone to bladder stones. She was put on a prescription diet and I was instructed not to give her anything other than the prescription food. Are there any chew bones or treats that I could give her? She is still young enough that she likes to chew.

Les Rosson - I have a min pin and at night has breathing problems can central heat cause his nose to stop up?

Matthew Willis - My chocolate lab had puppies 8 weeks ago. A male dog has been hanging around lately. Is it possible for her to get pregnant again this early?

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