LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The good, the bad and the ugly. Super Bowl 47 wrapped up last night and if the game didn't hold your attention, the commercials probably did.

This morning, Kyle Floyd with Stone Ward shared his take on commercials from the Super Bowl.

"So God Made the Farmer" - Dodge
This concept was 100% lifted from a YouTube video made by the FFA, and it features a Paul Harveyvoice overfrom 1978.

"Prom" - Audi
Cool story, great attitude, directly speaks to a potential Audi buyer

"Viva Young" - Taco Bell
There were several I liked in the comedy category, but the music pushed this one over the edge.

Others I liked: M&Ms, Jeep,Kia Space Babies, Samsung w/Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler's Best Buy


"Perfect Match" - Go Daddy
Go Daddy took a concept that has already been done a thousand times, and made it gross.

"Wedding" - Century 21
Seriously? The "Is there a ______ in the house" gag? Seriously?

"Steer the Script" - Lincoln
Not a terrible spot by any means, but this one had big social media potential, with Jimmy Fallon's soliciting tweets from the public to write the story. The end result turned out to be a strange preview of the actual story which was online, which wasn't any more impressive than the preview itself. Interesting idea, but just didn't work for the big game.

What were your favorite? What did you think went to far or wasn't good enough? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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