MCRORY, Ark. (KTHV) --A group of adults is putting guns in the hands of kids, but it's not what you might think. The group is not promoting violence, instead quite the opposite. Muddy Bayou Young Gunz promotes gun safety and hunting.

Katie Nelson, 14, is making her dreams come true and is gearing up for her first duck hunt.

"I thought it was neat," said Nelson who is among 23 kids ages eight to 15 in the Muddy Bayou Young Gunz. It's a group that takes kids who don't have the opportunity to go hunting.

"My dad doesn't really come around a lot," said Nelson.

Nelson is exactly who Cody Alberson is targeting for a weekend of free hunting in Woodruff County.

"Hunting is a slogan they say, 'You take a kid hunting, you won't have to hunt your kids.' That's probably the truest statement in the outdoors industry," said Alberson.

Alberson and his group of volunteers teach duck calls and how to shoot. Not only do the young hunters get free gear, but they competed for four Remington 870 shot guns. Nelson was one of those lucky winners.

The best part is when the 23 "Young Gunz" woke up bright and early Sunday and climbed into $1200 worth of free hunting clothes. They treaded into the wild and shot down more than 30 ducks.

"I had a lot of fun and experienced a lot," said Nelson.

Perhaps the biggest kids in the group are the adults who put the hunting trip on.

"Hopefully next year, we are able to take more kids andkill more ducks," said Alberson.

Alberson started Muddy Bayou Young Gunz in 2009 and it's run all through volunteers. If you know of a child and want to nominate them for next year's hunt-visit this website.
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