LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Stuttgart couple hoping for nothing more than a relaxing weekend on the Little Red River got much more than they bargained for.

Winning the lottery is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When Terri and Steve Weaver stopped to buy scratch-off tickets near their fishing cabin in Cleburne County, they never imaginedbeing a million dollars richer hours later.

"I said 'I'll just go ahead and scratch it off,' so I scratched it off and it said one M I L. That didn't register with me at first, because I was looking for an amount. That's what kind of threw me, and I stared at there and made sure everything was right, and I realized that was one million," said Steve.

Overcome by excitement, Steve said he feared he was having a heart attack.

"In fact, I actually took an Aspirin because my heart was going so fast," he added.

Sunday, the couple returned to T-Ricks Convenience Store in Pangburn to confirm their winnings.

Playing off their recent luck, Terri said she decided to buy a few more lottery tickets.This time, Steve said she scratched away $50,000.

"Looked at the card, and her number was 13, and she had a 13 at the top and a 13 down there on her numbers. I look down at the bottom of that 13 and it was $50,000, and I almost had another heart attack," he said.

Terri and Steve said their lifestyle will not change, and they'll use their winnings for retirement.

"Somebody else around there would have gotten them. Somebody would have gotten them. We were just fortunate that it was us both times."

The Weavers have been married 35 years and said they will both continue to work their regular jobs.

They also plan tocontinue buying scratch-off tickets whenever they visit their cabin for the weekend.

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