MCRORY, Ark. (KTHV) - A group is putting guns into the hands of children. Members of the

Muddy Bayou Young Gunz

are not teaching violence, but teaching them how to hunt.

Twenty-three Young Gunz woke up bright and early Saturday, climbed into $1,200 worth of free hunting clothes, and trekked into the wild to shoot down more than 30 ducks.

"I thought it would be neat and shoot something moving," said Katie Nelson, 14, who is making her dreams come true. She is interested in guns and hunting when all of her other friends are into things like cheerleading.

"I don't like all that stuff," she proclaimed. Instead she's getting geared up for her first duck hunt and thinks it's a cool deal to be part of the Muddy Bayou Young Gunz, a group full of eight to 15-year-old boys and girls who don't have the opportunity to go hunting.

She's exactly who hunting guide Cody Alberson is targeting for a weekend of free hunting in Woodruff County.

"Hunting is a slogan they say, 'You take a kid hunting, you won't have to hunt your kids.' That's probably the truest statement in the outdoors industry," explained Alberson. "Hopefully next year, we are able to take more kids and kill more ducks."

Alberson started Young Gunz in 2009, and it's all run through volunteers. If you know of a child and want to nominate them for next year's hunt, you can reach him at (870) 351-0633, or

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