RAVALLI CO., MT (CNN) -- A cat is recovering from a leg amputation, after it was caught in a foothold trap. And he can thank a group of construction workers for coming to his rescue.

The young male Manx cat lay recuperating. He only has three legs now, but he's alive, because Mike, Cory, Brian, Mark, and Robby rescued him. Mark heard the frantic meowing. Then he saw the cat's paw, trapped. Mark Tannenhill says, "The trap was up this way backwards, upside, and he was on the other side of the wall, and his paw was stuck on this side."

Outside, on the other side of the wall, Cory heard him too. He'd been seeing the cat around the log yard for about a week. Cory grabbed the cat and tried to straighten him out. Cory Hinkle says, "I jumped out, told Robby, Robby came and grabbed him."

Robby pushed the cat through the hole. Cory ran inside and released the trap. Robby says, "The cat never tried to scratch me, he pretty much as soon as we got out of there, he snuggled up close, knew he was out of the trap and I grabbed ahold of Brian and told Brian, let's go down to the vet."

The cat never cried or ran away. Brian Bachmeier says, "My thinking he knew we were helping it, is what I think."

The vet tech needed a name to put on the medical chart. Vet tech Shelby Heinz says, "And they looked at me and said you pick something, so I chose Trapper."

Nobody knows how long Trapper was in the trap. Dr. Emily race says the young Manx couldn't survive without surgery. She says, "I thought his paw was badly damaged and he needed to have his leg amputated."

Dr. Joe Melnarik performed the surgery. He says, "Everything went well, the recovery has been very good, he's been eating and drinking and seems pretty content at this point."

Nobody has come forward to claim Trapper. Robby, the rescuer trapper snuggled up to, plans to adopt.