BLODGETT, MO (CNN/Kfvs) -- As we near Valentine's Day, many are looking for the secret to love. One couple in Missouri, who have been married nearly 70 years, might have the answer.

Nearly 70 years later, they still laugh together and reminisce about the good old days. The parts they remember anyway.

September 1943 is the year Wayne and Polly's journey began. They were next door neighbors. Polly says, "I couldn't stand him." Wayne says, "At first I didn't think too much of her, she just kinda lived there, then she growed on me."

Not too fond of each other at first, but they fell in love. This year Polly will turn 90 and Wayne 87 and they very proud of their big family. Wayne says, "Had seven children." Five girls and two boys.

They have so many grandkids, they can hardly keep up; 17 grandchildren, in fact, and 25 great grandchildren!

Their daughters say the family motto has always been you'll never be poor if you have laughter. For a couple that survived hard economic times, it's evident what's held this family together. That, a good cup of coffee, and honesty.

As for romance, Wayne says, "I always thought if I was here that was enough, with her."

They truly are grateful for one another. Wayne says, "She takes care of me, she's always done that, got to give her credit for that." Polly adds, "He's been a good husband and been a good father, so. Write that down."

They each have their passions. For Wayne it's fishing. Polly loves antiques and books. They say marriage is all about compromise and commitment. Wayne says, "Well, I always thought, you made that commitment, supposed to live by it."

Vowing to stay together through the good times and the bad and their secret weapon of laughter will no doubt help this marriage last a lifetime.

Wayne and Polly will renew their wedding vows on their 70 year anniversary this coming September.

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