LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A major awards show, asteroids, basketball, Medicaid legislation, and nuclear power plants seem unrelated, but not to Craig O'Neill.

This will blow your mind! I don't know of another weekend which offered up so much variety. Look at last night.

Costume designers are definite winners. Thanks to Taylor Swift, they made a tidy profit last night, but the big winners are Mumford and Sons. They get album of the year, which is kind of crazy because how many people listened to their album? Their CD and their download maybe. Still, they get the big W.

Medicaid is a loser. A legislative audit revealed last week, the state paid out $1.3 million to people who were actually ineligible. It was an error rate of 14 percent, and while it's methodology has been brought into question, this was bad news for people who have been advocating Medicaid expansion in the state.

Nuclear Power Plants are also losers. They're getting shut down and replaced by power plants running on the abundant supply of natural gas. While it hasn't happened in Arkansas, one major plant in Wisconsin and another in Florida have closed because energy corporations are finding replacements more cost effective. It's a trend we need to watch.

Entergy? Winner. In the last quarter, their profit doubled. Relax. It's not that they got it off customers. They got a settlement from the IRS which added to their bottom line.

Planet Earth is a big winner. So far our planet has been playing dodge ball with asteroids, and we're winning. Thursday the DA 14 asteroid will pass within 17, 300 miles of the Earth's surface, closer than some communication satellites. It's big enough that if it crashed into the Earth, it would create a blast 180 times the size of Hiroshima. We're safe for now, but we must remain vigilant. It's estimated only 10 percent of near Earth objects have been discovered.

The Sun Belt Conference is a loser. The conference tournament is leaving Hot Springs next year. They're going to New Orleans, which is a mistake. They were the center of attention in Hot Springs. In New Orleans, where there is so much more going on, they'll get lost in the shuffle. Whatever. I'm over it.

The movie Identity Thief is a winner. Despite mixed reviews, it pulled $36.6 million and was the number one movie over the weekend. Melissa McCarthy is America's hottest comedienne. And, it's proof that Identity Theft can be funny, as long as it happens to somebody else.

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