UNDATED (CNN) -- A really bad pass turns into a very lucky shot, watch three feet of snow fall in a matter of seconds, and a wide-eyed stowaway.

Take a look at this video out of Colorado. It was taken at a girls' high school basketball game. One player, looking to make a pass down the court to her teammate sends the ball flying.

She misses her teammate by a long shot, but, the ball bounces and goes right into the net. The crowd went wild!

It would have taken hours to watch all the snow fall in Hartford, Connecticut during the blizzard. But with this time lapse video, you only need less than a minute.

The video starts at 4 on Friday afternoon and runs until 9 the next morning. By that point, the measuring stick was almost completely buried. Some parts of Connecticut saw more than 3 feet of snow.

And take a look at this! Talk about a stowaway! A Florida woman hit an owl with her SUV, traveling about 60-miles an hour down the highway.

She assumed the animal died but somehow it slipped through the grill of her car.

It wasn't until the next day when someone pointed out these huge eyes, that she realized what happened. Florida fish and wildlife came, opened the hood of the car and freed the bird.

The owl did not appear to be injured.

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