MAYFLOWER (KTHV) - The aftermath of a Super Bowl Sunday fire in Mayflower brought some new information on a cause plus an outpouring of community support for one of the families.

Mayflower Fire Chief Karl Rossini said the cause of the fire is an electrical flare-up around an entertainment center. He said there was an "overload in the wiring system."

The fire spread to two other homes, and THV 11 found out since then that one of the victims, a family with four kids, is getting a lot of community help to recover.

"My children lost all their clothes. They have no clothes, no shoes," William Boothe said the day of the fire on Feb. 3.

A major life setback hit the Boothe family of Mayflower on Superbowl Sunday. Fire and smoke destroyed their home but in the days to come there was a major life "pick-me-up" courtesy of their hometown.

"We want to rally behind the people and let them know that in this small community that they are important to us," John Pipkins said.

John Pipkins is the principal at Mayflower Middle School, where two of the Boothe children go to school. After the fire, Pipkins and his staff decided to help out with a fundraiser. They held a pajama and hat day at school and the kids paid a buck to participate, but many students donated more.

"Amazingly our kids and our staff in one day's time were able to raise $650 with a student population of about 400 kids," Pipkins said.

The school used the money to take the Boothe's two boys clothes shopping.

"We were able to purchase them a wardrobe full of clothes and had some money left over to be able to give to the Mom to provide other essential items for their household," Pipkins said.

Turns out the high school did the same thing for the Boothe's 9th-grader and the elementary school donated $200, some clothes and a doll for their pre-kindergarten daughter.

"She was carrying that doll around like it was the most important thing in the entire world," Pipkins said.

They're piling on "the heart of a community" to their members who need it most.

THV 11 did speak with William Boothe's wife off camera. She declined an interview but said the family is truly grateful for all the help that's coming their way. Right now the family is staying in a rental home in town.

Along with the school help, there was a community donation drive as well for the Boothe family. The leader of that effort told THV 11 they've not been able to reach the other fire victims but would help if they knew their whereabouts.

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