LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- Fashionable shoppers help boost the Dow to its highest close of the year.

Trading was light, but Wall Street found strength in two companies putting up high numbers.

Stock in Avon up 20 percent after reporting a fourth quarter earnings that beat expectations. The costmetics company also says that it's on track to save $400 million after budget cuts.

And Michael Kors, maker of luxury clothes and accessories, saw its shares rise 9 percent, with fourth-quarter earnings that beat analysts' predictions.

Here in Arkansas, former Razorbacks football coach John L. Smith is beingsued by a Kentucky creditor who says Smith tried to hide assets in his near $40 million bankruptcy.

Smith, of course, filed bankruptcy last year after his Kentucky real estate investments went sour.

The creditor, RLBB Acquisition of Louisville, claims Smith transferred money to other out-of-state properties as well as trust funds created in his wife's name.

RLBB wants at least $1 million. Smith has not commented on the case.

Also yesterday, the IRS warning employees at Arkansas State University of someone filing fake tax returns in their name and pocketing the refund.

At least 16 employees have been affected so far, even though they haven't even submitted their authentic forms yet.

The IRS says it will work to keep the employees informed.

And finally, in Bentonville, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art on Tuesday shifting some positions in its executive roles:

Don Bacigalupi has been promoted to the newly created position of museum president, and Rod Bigelow, the museum's deputy director for operations and administration, is taking Bacigalupi's post as executive director.

In addition, Bacigalupi has been named to a seat on the museum's board of directors.

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