LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Freezing rain and ice accumulation looks to be on the way for parts of the natural state which has road crews and power companies on standby, fearing for the worst.

Some would call the last ice/snow storm in Little Rock a Christmas nightmare. Snow was blanketing the highways, and visibility for drivers was reduced to practically nothing. Now just two months later, another round of winter weather is on its way to the natural state.

"Entergy Arkansas is preparing for ice," said Sally Graham with Entergy Arkansas.

With expected storms to the south and ice to the north, the utility company has already put out the call for reinforcements.

"We have gotten 300 additional linemen to be in Little Rock tomorrow night in preparation for what will be an ice event," said Graham.

For some, the preparation only goes so far. Danny Straessle with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said they are keeping in close contact with the National Weather Service, sending crews out moments before the freezing rain arrives.

"If you put the pre-treatment application down too far in advance, when the rain gets here, it can wash it off the roadway, and then you're back to square one," explained Straessle. "Do it today, do it tomorrow before it starts coming down because when the ice gets on the roadways, the bridges, the overpasses, you're not going to go anywhere for awhile."

The Highway Department already has crews on the ground in Harrison and Northeast Arkansas Tuesday. Entergy is now requesting 1,000 additional linemen to be on standby for this weather event.

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