FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Ronald Britton will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murder of 26-year-old Michelle Asher, but you couldn't tell by his reaction.

On Wednesday, four bailiffs had to force him to the floor of the courtroom after he lunged at a witness. Deputies said it was is all part of an elaborate act.

"Secure my house immediately. Fordyce, Arkansas. Alcohol," were some of the words incoherently rambled by Ronald Britton just moments before receiving his guilty verdict for the murder of Michelle Asher.

His reaction afterwards was much of the same, singing and dancing as deputies led him to his cell. Asher's family, including stepfather Gary Cummings, has heard Britton's antics throughout his three day trial.

"We are just happy it's all over with and that he's put in a place where he can't harm anybody else. Nobody else has to go through what we've been through," said Cummings.

A friend found Asher's body in her own backyard Aug.14, 2010 in Greenbrier. Her throat was cut, and several stab wounds were found on her upper body. Prosecutor Cody Hiland said her ex-boyfriend Britton planned the crime and committed in cold blood.

"Ronald Britton is evidence that evil exists in the world today, and the time for honoring himself and drawing attention to himself like he did in the courtroom, that's over for him," said Hiland.

"I have the key, I have the key, I have the key. Break 'em boys. If you're big enough to break 'em, break 'em boys," rambled Britton to nearly a dozen deputies as he stood in shackles waiting for the elevator after the verdict.

His behavior deputies said is an act that Asher's family is tired of seeing.

"Today they received some measure of justice. Justice is a very poor substitute for the loss of someone you love, but that's really all the state can give you," said Hiland.

Prosecutors said they could not determine Britton's motive. After the verdict was read, he reportedly shouted quote, "Bravo Bravo Alpha Delta." He also quoted Patrick Henry by saying, "Give me liberty or Give me death."

Britton also requested to be transported to the Department of Correction immediately and had quote "no concern about an appeal."

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