LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The project that could a change a family's life was put underway by the comments of a 4th grader.

"Last year in Mrs Riley's class, we bought a goat. This year I think we can buy something bigger. How about a heifer?," said Will Bowman, a 4th grader at Forest Park Elementary.

Virginia Yeatman's 4th graders raised $500 by collecting change, doing extra chores, and putting up lemonade stands. One girl even donated her allowance. And, all of it went toward buying a cow through Heifer International for a family in another community.

The whole mission of Heifer is to help end poverty and hunger around the world while caring for the earth, and these kids have done a great job contributing to the mission," said Ellen Yeatman, a Heifer International Volunteer.

"Makes me feel good because a family that doesn't have very much has a cow for milk or to make some cheese," said Harrison Cook.

The kids will find out what community they've helped a little later, and this project is proof that a living gift can go a long, long way.

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