PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTHV) - It was a terrifying experience at a Pine Bluff medical clinic Thursday after police say a patient there took two nurses hostage and beat one of them with his fist.

27-year-old William Brown is in jail at the Jefferson County Detention Center He's facing a slew of charges ranging from battery to terroristic threatening. But police are still investigating what allegedly set him off.

The Jefferson Comprehensive Care Center in Pine Bluff closed early Thursday after police say a man came inside claiming to be armed and took two nurses hostage in an exam room.

"He did batter one of the employees and actually cut the hair ofthe other employee, it was violent," Lt. Denise Richardson said.

Lt. Richardson, with Pine Bluff Police, says that center employees called police when this all went down around 12:30 Thursday. When it was over, they arrested 27-year-old William Brown.

"He indicated to the people present that he had bombs strapped to his body but he did not," Lt. Richardson said. "Hewas armed with what they thought was handgun but was actually a toy gun but it did look real."

Lt. Richardson says Brown is a patient here but she didn't know the type of treatment he gets. In the police report, it mentions the initial 911call was for a "mental patient" but police would not confirm that on or offcamera Thursday because of privacyregulations.

Lt. Richardsonsaid once police entered inside the exam room where Brown took the two nurses, officers ordered Brown to the floor and he surrendered.

"Unfortunately we do not know why he did this, we do believe has had some issues in the past that do not involve these people, it is random," Lt. Richardson said.

THV 11 reached one of the nurses taken hostage by phone Thursday evening at her home. The victim told us that she'd just returned from the emergency when we called and declined an interview for this story. She said that she didn't want to be anymore hurt or devastated than she already was.

Wecouldn't reach the othervictim but Lt. Richardson says she is OK.

Lt. Richardson says Brown is expected to have his first court appearance Friday morning and we could learn more details then about why he allegedly did all this.

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