LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here are the top 5 most-viewed news stories on for the week:

1. Mindy McCready left messages with friend, killed dog before herself

More details have been released about the apparent suicide of former country singer, Mindy McCready. The 37-year-old reportedly shot and killed herself Sunday afternoon at her home in Heber Springs.

2. Md. OB/GYN commits suicide after allegations of recording patients

A Johns Hopkins OB/GYN is accused of secretly videotaping his patients. Earlier this week, police found the doctor dead at his home in what's believed to be a suicide.

3. Suspect shot during alleged burglary attempt in Garland County

A homeowner said he arrived at the site of his home, which is being constructed, and found two burglars stealing supplies. "We never intended to shoot him," said Dr. David Brewer, homeowner and Malvern dentist.

4. Former pastor arrested for computer child porn, failure to register

Former pastor Shane Montgomery is facing charges of computer child pornography and failure to register as a sex offender.

5. Okla. man possibly died of spontaneous human combustion

Oklahoma authorities investigating a mysterious death have come up with a rare theory. They are looking into whether or not a 65-year-old man died from spontaneously bursting into flames.

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