LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Life isn't just about symmetry; it's also about balance. The same goes for decorating your home.

On a mantle, we've hung two identical shields and set two identical lamps on two identical tables on each side of the fireplace, but on the opposing walls, things are not so identical.

To one side, we've put in an over-sized grand cabinet that's pre-lit, so we can see everything that is inside. But, on the opposite wall, we have something different.

We have two over-sized windows which are floor to ceiling so it lets in lots of light in addition to a great collection of lighting rods, which are in front of the windows, and between them, we have a heavy marble lamp and other accessories.

So now both sides of the room are balanced.

The same concept can be used on both sides of a front door. You don't have to have two identical pots flanking the entrance. Instead you can have one extra large pot on one side and one large or medium size pot on the other side for visual balance.

The next time do something a little more unique when you are decorating and don't have the same old same old identical items, remember it's all about weight.

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