LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A high speed chase ended in a crash that shut down three blocks of 12th street in Little Rock Friday afternoon. The debris from the crash spread across the entire three blocks.

Police said after receiving a call about a stolen vehicle, a pursuit began with a Kia Sorento. Moments later, that pursuit ended in a crash that witnesses say is a miracle anyone survived.

"That sound is a sound that you never will forget. I won't," said Mose Childress.

It was the sound of metal hitting metal that Mose Childress heard Friday afternoon when a stolen Kia Sorento, being chased by police, crashed into a Dodge pickup at 12th and Dennison Streets then rolled a full block before landing on it's hood at 12th Street and Park Street.

"For a vehicle to go slide, hit and land upside down a block later, there had to be a little speed to it," said Childress.

"It was like a boom and the whole building was shaking, so we knew it was a large. It was a high impact," said LaShawn Allen.

She heard the same sound from inside Simone's Barber and Beauty Shop.

Police released his two passengers but arrested and charged the driver of the stolen car, Lee Smith, 37, with felony hit and run, fleeing and theft of property.

"Kinda thought it was a movie scene how fast it happened and the debris and everything that was going on, people coming from everywhere so it was an exciting morning," said Allen.

The three victims in the truck were all taken to the hospital and will be released, along with Smith's passengers. Childress said the few injuries sustained was a miracle in an accident that could have been a lot worse.

"Everybody got out of there with their life. They were banged up but they was alive," said Childress.

Police said they are still investigating the crash and identifying the owners of the stolen vehicle. A full report of the incident is expected to be released Saturday.

Police did shut down three blocks of 12th street for hours Friday afternoon while they cleaned up the debris, but the street is now open to traffic.

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