LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- After a couple of days of winter weather- we are getting ready for spring.

It's the perfect time for the annual

Arkansas Flower and Garden Show

, the premier horticultural event in the state with 12,000 visitors.

This year's event is themed "Homegrown Goodness."

The show is at the Statehouse Convention Center Feb. 22-24. Tickets are $8 for adults or you can purchase a 3-day pass for $12. Kids 16 and under get in free.

The Arkansas Flower and Garden Show is partnering with the Home Showthis weekend on a special admission ticket offer. Bring your Flower and Garden show ticket stub and receive a $1 discount on admission price to the Home Show (this can only be applied to the $8 admission price), or present your Home Show ticket stub for a $1 admission discount to the Flower and Garden Show.

Here is a schedule of speakers.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013

10:15 Jo Ann and Jigs Gardner
Gardens of Use and Delight: Reclaiming a Back Country Farm
The Gardners trace the evolution of their farm and landscape as it they developed it over 3 decades on a remote peninsula on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Here, miles to the nearest neighbor, they learned to adapt not only to "The Three No's" ( no vehicle except horse-drawn, no running water, and no phone) but also a very sluggish cash flow. They amazed themselves by creating a beautiful, lush landscape of fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and roses by the simplest means, overcoming difficulties of climate and soil. Each site is discussed in detail with emphasis on low-tech strategies and the landscaping principles that guided them. The lessons they learned, with the underlying philosophy of simplicity, can be applied to any gardening situation. This is a popular lecture, different every time, and since they have been married for over 50 years, expect a lot of give and take and a few unplanned moments.

11:30: Kelly Norris
Dig this: Stylish Gardening for Savvy Gardeners

From tulips to roses to exotic plants from far off places, plant choices have always reflected gardeners' desires for the chic and unusual as well as sustainable, healthy plants for modern lifestyles. Gardeners need to know the basics of gardening, but they also want to craft landscapes in their own unique style with plants that flourish for more than just a few seasons. And, most gardeners want to make gardens that reflect a personal, artistic ownership of the space outside their home. The horticulture industry responds, albeit a bit slowly, to develop and market to focus on the style conscience of the young and young-at-heart. 20-something plantsman Kelly Norris will take the audience on a journey through a world of hot, functional and head-turning plants-unusual and new, plus a few tried and true-that will inspire you to craft a stylish garden that's uniquely yours.

1:00: P. Allen Smith
Garden to Table

You don't need a farm in your backyard to grow some of the food you eat. You can grow edibles in raised beds, containers and even mixed in with your shrubs, perennials and annuals. Allen shares ways you can grow fruits, herbs and vegetables without a lot of space. He'll give tips for successful growing, demonstrate how to plant an herb container and whip up an edamame dish seasoned with herbs used in the container.

2:30: Janet Carson
Gardening in a Changing Climate

21st century garden gardeners have to be as adaptable as the plants they choose for their landscape. The extremes of the weather cycles with the record breaking heat and cold and floods and droughts of the past few years can wreak havoc in a carefully planned landscape but also can inspire us. After all, our gardening efforts are practical research into what's going to work in a particular spot in our landscape. Janet brings her own gardening experience as well as a wealth of observation to provide an encouraging and timely discussion on how to garden with these changes.

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