HOUSTON, TX (CNN/KTRK) -- A bad crash sent an SUV flying and the lucky driver lived to tell about. The car went airborne early Sunday, eventually landing upside down on the roof of home.

It was a crash unlike anyone has ever seen. Neighbor Stephen Wilson says, "Absolutely once in a lifetime. It's unbelievable."

You can see a car upside down, lodged in the roof of this home on Fox Springs Drive.

Deputy constables say the driver could have been going between 85 and 90 miles an hour when he left the roadway here. He drove right through here, up that embankment, which launched him into the air, crashing into the first house and landing upside down on the second. Neighbor Justin Hopper says, "It's just outrageous. I've seen bad accidents over here, but this is really the worst one I've ever seen."

Though it sounds impossible, the truck's driver walked away from the bizarre wreck with barely a scratch, once firefighters got him out. Hopper says, "I mean, this guy was bouncing off houses. He ended up on a roof. I don't know how he walked out of that."

Although people were inside both homes when the car crashed into them, no one inside suffered any injuries.

As for getting the car off the house, that took a big crane, and some nifty maneuvering. Crane operator Keith McBride says, "The end that's sticking up, we're gonna pick it up from there. And just kind of slide it out of there, and it'll be straight up and down."

After ten plus hours, the car was finally back on the ground; a Sunday morning folks in this neighborhood will be talking about for quite a while.

The driver has not been charged with a crime. Investigators will be looking into whether alcohol was a factor.

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