VILONIA, Ark. (KTHV) -- Parents expressed concern over crowded school buses in Vilonia, but school administrators said the district is following proper standards to keep children safe.

"I take them to school in the mornings when I can, but in the afternoon, I don't have another option," said Angie Spradlin of Vilonia.

Spradlin's two kids go to Vilonia Middle and both ride the bus most days. For a while now, Spradlin said her kids' bus, which runs through a more crowded neighborhood, brims over with students.

"They're sitting on each other's laps. Sometimes there's not even sitting room," said Spradlin.

Vilonia Superintendent Dr. Frank Mitchell said he's not aware of an overcrowding issue with buses and said there are proper steps if the bus runs out of space.

"If I knew that we had too many kids on the bus, I'd be down there stopping it. We don't put more kids on there, like I said, if that bus says it's 77 passenger, we're not going to put 78 on there," said Superintendent Mitchell.

Superintendent Mitchell said the regulations don't necessarily take into account the size of the students, and that could be causing the buses to be cramped. Spradlin complimented the district as a whole and said people move to Vilonia for the quality education.

"More and more kids are moving here, so it's just becoming more of an issue," said Spradlin.

According to Superintendent Mitchell, if a bus runs out of space, the driver will make an additional run. He said he's received little to no complaints from parents, but Spradlin insisted she's reached out to the district before.

"I mean if they were to get in a wreck, or run into something, or somebody rear ends them, it's very, very unsafe," said Spradlin.

Superintendent Mitchell said the district runs a little more than 25 routes. He questioned how someone outside the bus can know for sure that it's overcrowded.

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