HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- "This happens to take the cake. This beats just about everything anybody has ever heard of," said Bess McFadden Monday outside the art gallery she's owned for 12 years.

Plywood now replaces what was the front window pane at Gallery Central. McFadden said it was smashed in a matter of moment by a deer.

"You never think about having something like this happen where it could just destroy your whole life, your business in one hour," said McFadden.

The deer had burst through quarter-inch thick glass, making a bee line to the back of Gallery Central.

"Her trail went down to the back and you can follow where her blood was splattered on some of our paintings," said McFadden.

A young female deer jumped through Gallery Central'sfront pane window Sunday afternoon, ending up in the back bathroom where she bled to death. Though crews worked to remove most of the damage, McFadden said some things cannot be restored.

"It's irreplaceable. You can replace your couch. You can replace your table, but to replace individual art pieces that someone has spent weeks and months painting, it's heart breaking," said McFadden.

Four to six paintings are total losses, and McFadden must replace everything inside the back restroom. It's damage that she said could have been much worse, but instead of throwing out her losses, she has other plans.

"Maybe I'll take that home and put that in my memoir. This is another thing that has happened in my lifetime, a deer coming through the window," said McFadden.

To top it all off, the Hot Springs monthly gallery walk is this Friday night. McFadden said she hopes to have the front window replaced, but even if she doesn't, she will still be open for business.

This isn't the first time something has burst through the Gallery Central front window pane. McFadden said a car drove through the same window a few years back.