CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - Four officers are under internal investigation after they shot a man armed with a knife on Sunday.

The incident happened shortly before 2 p.m. at the Plaza Pointe Apartments, located at 2400 Market Plaza Drive.

"Our investigation shows that statements from witnesses and from our officers involved in the incident at Plaza Pointe Apartments corroborate each other. At this time we are certain that our officers acted according to procedure in the matter. Our thoughts and prayers go out to [extracted] and his family as well as the officers who were involved in this incident," said Chief A.J. Gary.

According to LaTresha Woodruff with the Conway Police Department, the following officers are on leave:

Officer Rachel Hanson, hired Jan. 2, 2012
Officer Andrew Burningham, hired Mar. 3, 2009
Officer James Burroughs, hired Dec. 27, 2010
Officer Steven Culliford, hired June 21, 2010

Woodruff said three of the four officers involved fired their guns multiple times during an emergency check in at the home of two roommates. The first roommate had called 911 from a closet at the Plaza Pointe Apartments, saying that the second roommate had stabbed him with a knife.

Officers on the scene reportedly tried to get the second roommate to put down the knife, but he refused, Woodruff said; the officers tazed him, but it had no effect. He then allegedly charged at one of officers, and that's when they fired on him.

The second roommate was taken to a Little Rock hospital and is still under their care, but there is no word on his condition at this hour.

Woodruff said the first roommate refused medical treatment for superficial wounds.

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