LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here's a look at the latest list of Winners and Losers!

The Little Rock Marathon starts out as our first winner! Over 13,000 runners and walkers with thousands more spectators turned out for a beautiful day and a peak at the largest medal of any marathon in America, according to Runner's World Magazine.

Kenya was also a winner this week. Both the men's and women's winners in the Little Rock Marathon were from that country even though they claim full-time residence in the U.S. Mark Chepses was the men's winner, and Hellen Rotich won the women's. Rotich lives in Texas but went to school at Harding University.

Anyone who forgot about the marathon and found themselves having to navigate around it downtown is a loser.

The Harlem Shake, the YouTube dance craze, is a winner. You can see it everywhere these days; we even did our own version at the Little Rockers marathon, but now it's getting to be a political movement. Demonstrators in Tunisia and Egypt have enraged public officials with the Harlem Shake in public squares, and in Cairo. There was one even staged in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters.

Republicans are winners because they're getting what they want. Sponsors of controversial legislation in the Arkansas General Assembly and in Congress found a way to shave $4 trillion off the deficit over the next 10 years with four dollars in spending cuts to every dollar in revenue.

Cotton Farming is a loser. The once dominant crop in Arkansas is being grown on an estimated 221,000 acres in Arkansas. That's down 62.9 percent from last year. There are just more profitable crops out there.

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