LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- A government slow down of housing in China wasn't enough to slow down Wall Street.

China's ghost cities

Modest gains on Wall Street coming even as China takes measures to avoid bursting the bubble that is its growing housing market.

The Chinese government on Monday raising minimum down payments for home purchases there. It also pledged to crack down on the number of properties a person can buy.

The massive build-up of the housing marketing has resulted in dozens of newly built, but virtually empty, cities.

Winrock International announces new president, CEO

Here in Arkansas, Winrock International of Little Rock announcing that Rodney Ferguson will become the nonprofit's new president and CEO on April 1.

Ferguson will succeed Frank Tugwell, who is retiring after leading Winrock for more than 14 years.

A former journalist, Ferguson has worked as a consultant on communications and strategy for nonprofits for the past 20 years.

At Winrock, Ferguson will lead a global staff of more than 1,100 with 70 projects currently underway across the globe.

Torii Hunter to help build Univ. of Ark. indoor baseball facility

And speaking of giving back, Pine Bluff native Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter, is pledging $100,000 to help with the construction of an indoor baseball/track practice facility at the University of Arkansas.

The athletic program is expected to break ground on the 40-thousand square foot project this year. The estimated cost tops out at around $9.5 million and it could take about eight months to complete.

Hunter, one of the highest paid athletes from the state of Arkansas, never played college baseball, but signed with Arkansas out of Pine Bluff high school.

He's been in the majors for 16 seasons.

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