WEINER, Ark. (KTHV) -- Supporters of Weiner High School are fighting to keep their school open.

Region 8 News reported that the Harrisburg School District wants to consolidate the school into its campus, saying it will save money and provide students with more academic opportunities, but supporters of the school said that's not true.

Next Monday, the Arkansas Board of Education will hear both sides, and Michelle Cadle plans to highlight areas that she said proves how successful the school has been.

"We have 100 percent that are career ready whether that is to enroll into the military or that they are college-bound. Most schools can't say, but we can," said Cadle, a supporter of the school.

Cadle, along with Greta Greeno, will have 15 minutes Monday to make their case. The Superintendent of Harrisburg Schools said they're also preparing testimony.

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