LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- The Dow breaks through its previous record high from October 2007.

In all, 28 stocks in the 30-member Dow advanced, with industrial companies leading the gains.

Yesterday's close marking a remarkable comeback for the stock market. The Dow has more than doubled since falling to a low of 65-47 in March 2009 following the financial crisis and the onset of the Great Recession.

Stocks have rebounded sharply since thenhelped by stimulus from the Federal Reserve,even as the economic recovery has been slow and steady.

For a little perspective, the last time the Dow was this high, Apple had just sold its first iPhone and George W. Bush had another year as president.

The U.S. housing market had yet to bottom, and the financial crisis that brought down Lehman Brothers was still a year away.

Alleged embezzlement at Ark. Sports Hall of Fame

Here in Arkansas, an arrest and charges in an alleged case of embezzlement at the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame.

North Little Rock Police said Jennifer W. Smith was arrested briefly Tuesday and charged with theft from her former employer.

Smith, who had been assistant executive director at the Hall, reports to Executive Director Ray Tucker.

Smith had been fired from the Hall of Fame in December and a forensic audit commenced on her use of the nonprofit organization's credit cards over the course of several years. The size of the theft was reportedly in excess of $130,000.

Ark. Business presents top-revenue restaurants

And Arkansas Business this week is presenting its annual lists of top-revenue-producing restaurants in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

Today, we'll look at North Little Rock -- I'll have the numbers for Little Rock later this week.

According to the list, based on gross receipts in 2012, the No. 5 restaurant in North Little Rock is Cracker Barrell on Springhill drive, at $3.9 million.

No. 4 - the Olive Garden in Lakewood Village, at $4.5 million.

No. 3 - the Riverfront Steakhouse in the Wyndham Hotel, at $4.6 million.

No. 2 - the Red Lobster on McCain Boulevard, at $5.1 million.

And once again -- at No. 1 -- the Golden Corral on Warden Road, at $6.6 million.

That figure is up 5 percent from last year.

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