AUSTIN, TX (CNN) --Most states have an official food, an official tree, even an official bird. But some Texas first-graders felt something was missing from that list: an official state pie! So they went to state leaders to make it happen.

Sweet talking the state senators; just ask Jude Webster and his fellow first graders how it's done, pie and a little bit of politics goes a long way. Jude says, "Since the pecan and the pecan tree are state symbols, I think it would fit in perfectly."

These kids are spending their spring break learning about the legislative process. it started out researching state symbols then the deciding between desserts. Eventually taking their class to the capitol.

Senators got a tasty testimony from Jude. He says, "There are two people in my life that love pecan pie. My mom and my grandpa. My grandpa would be so proud of Texas."

And it looks like lawmakers loved their "little" lobbying efforts. The resolution passed with four ayes and no nays!

The committee unanimously approved the resolution, which will go to the full Senate for a vote.

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