LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Spring is just around the corner! Soon it will start warming up for you and for your garden. Our garden guru Chris Olsen with Botanical Gardens is here with some great tips and ideas!

From winter blues to spring fever

Yellow is a color that seems to take away the winter blues. So bring some spring fever to your home this Easter. You can achieve this goal with a indoor arrangement created from fresh daffodils and other spring flowers. Just take a large bowl (no drainage holes) and place in the center of the bowl a potted daffodil plant. The Tete Tete daffodil is a miniature variety and is perfect for the center of our floral arrangement. You can find these potted bulbs are Botanica Gardens or other floral shops. Then all around the potted daffodil in the bowl arranged an assortment of mixed cut daffodils and other flowers such as Gerber Daisies either from your yard or your neighbors. Actually, most florist will care cut daffodils and other spring flowers. Decorate with an assortment of Easter eggs around the bowl for that perfect Easter look.

Outdoor Salad Bowl

With the cool temperatures why not grow your own salad outdoors. Just take any shallow large pot and fill with good potting soil. Now plant an assortment of different types of lettuce. Always add color for impact by mixing in a few pansies and other spring flowers. Add some salad utensils for the perfect outdoor display. This potted container looks great displayed on a outdoor table in sun to semi-shade.

Bon appetite!

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