UNDATED (CNN) -- It's been more than 15 years since her death, yet the love lives on for all things pertaining to Diana, Princess of Wales. And those who particularly fancied her flair for fashion have a unique opportunity. In just a matter of hours, ten of her dresses will go up for auction.

Crushed velvet, elaborate beading, and glittering sequins are the fashion triumphs of the late Princess Diana. The center piece of the collection is a midnight blue gown wore for a dance with John Travolta. Kerry Taylor with Kerry Taylor Auctions says, "He said may I have this dance. He said she did that look she always did. The head down the eyes up that she was so good at. She said 'I'd love to'. And they danced for about half an hour to John Travolta's Saturday night hits."

That dress, which lit up the White House State Dinner in 1985, is now estimated to be worth more than $300,000. How are those estimates determined? Taylor says, "It's difficult. You can look at what they sold for in 1997. You can also look at how simple the thing is, if it was worn on a state occasion, or if it was private dining. Are there photographs of the princess wearing it? Are there film reels of the princess wearing it? And is there a little human story that adds to it. So it's like a mixture of everything.

Memories of an era gone by, at times literally imprinted on the fabric. Taylor says, "It's got what looks like a little boys or little child's handprint here, some little sticky fingerprints. So these were never cleaned after the auction."

Kerry Taylor is also responsible for another famous royal auction, the mesh gown worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, the dress is said to have attracted Prince William when they were students at university. It sold for about $126,000. Taylor says, "Catherine is someone who knows what she likes, has a very definite taste and isn't afraid to wear whatever she feels suits her. I am sure that in the years to come people will idolize her in a similar way. Diana was different. She was very much a people's princess. And the ups and downs of her life; her loves, people followed avidly. I think there will always be a special place in people's hearts for Diana."

A special place in their hearts and wallets; the entire collection is expected to fetch more than a million dollars at auction.

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