PIKE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Pike County authorities have stopped an illegal moonshine operation in their area.

Sat. March 16 authorities executed a search warrant at a home on Hwy 70 West in Glenwood. This was the end of a four day operation between the Pike County Sheriff's Office and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

During the search, authorities seized a 60-gallon moonshine still, two 55 gallon drums of fermenting grain, and dozens of quarts of illicitly manufactured alcohol, or "moonshine".

Also found at the home was 12 firearms, plus an additional firearm in the vehicle of Clayton Plunkett.

When authorities first arrived they arrested Gare and Tami Duggan, then later arrested a third suspect, Clayton Plunkett when he arrived later.

During questioning, the Pike County Sheriff's office says Gare Duggan and Clayton Plunkett admitted to running the manufacturing operation, but said it was only for "personal use". Duggan also admitted to a previous felony conviction and knew he couldn't have firearms.

Tami says that she didn't know anything about the production, but only that Duggan and Clayton had talked about it in front of her. She also said the two men said they were inspired by the TV show "Moonshiners".

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