LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Spring cleaning is a rite of passage into the warmer months of the year.

On this Home and Garden Wednesday,Michael Silva-Nash withMolly Maid joins us with tips on Spring cleaning on a budget.

1. Its time to get that dust out! First start with the dust that is circulating in your home! It's as easy as changing your air filters. Be sure to put a couple of new dryer sheets to give it a nice scent instead of buying plug-ins!

2. Organize and clean out the fridge and pantry! Lets clean out all the old food that that still there! Meanwhile, place some newspaper at the bottom of your trash can to absorb the food juices! Now you really know what you have, and what is not expired so you can shop wisely!

3. Is Spring Cleaning only for your house? Lets spring clean the car, too! To absorb all the stench place some charcoal underneath the car seats! Just be sure that you aren't using starting fluid!

4. Cleaning the garbage disposal can make a difference to the smell of your sink and kitchen area. This alone can scare most people -- but truth be told a majority of the 'food' is on the very top part of the disposal, where splashes cling to and dry on! Put on a glove, take a bleach product and clean it!

5. Skip the pricy stainless steel cleaner! Dab a microfiber rag in baby oil and use it clean those surfaces instead!

6. Are you cleaning the windows and leaving unsightly streaks? Use newspaper instead of a rag! Newspaper with some window cleaner will leave your windows with a nice shine!

7. Don't like to dust? You're not alone. There really isn't any way to never dust, but you can minimize the amount of times that you do! Next time that you clean your blinds, baseboards, and other surfaces dust it with a clean rag then pass over with a used dryer sheet. It will help repel the dust and decrease the amount of times you dust!

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