LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Business) -- The Dow is ending just barely higher as investors continue to watch economic developments in Europe.

European debt drama

That European debt drama is weighing down the stock market Tuesday, offsetting good news on the U.S. housing market.

Investors have been watching in developments in Cyprus, where the Mediterranean country's lawmakers voted against a proposed bailout plan for banks.

That plan would have called for raiding the savings accounts of ordinary citizens. Cyprus is seeking $15.8 billion to fund its government and its banks. Without the money, both could collapse.

Texarkana city manager leaves job

Here in Arkansas, the Texarkana, Arkansas, City Manager Harold Boldt has left his post.

Mayor Wayne Smith said the city board and Boldt "mutually agreed to part ways."

Smith told Arkansas Business that each board member had various points of contention with Boldt, including Boldt's management style.

Boldt was heavily involved with the development of the Crossroads Business Park near Interstate 30. It includes an $18 million convention center and $40 million water park.

The city says both projects remain on track and will open this spring.

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