LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Young Arkansans against tobacco let their voices be heard Wednesday at the state capitol as a part of 'Kick Butts Day.'

The Youth Extinguishing Smoke, also known as the YES Organization, rallying for a cause said while their efforts have greatly reduced the number of young smokers, still more than 18percent of high schoolers smoke.

Organizer Sophia Perez-Santos said this year's theme is all about airing dirty laundry.

"This year our theme is airing out big tobacco's dirty laundry, and as you can see behind us, we have all these clothes lines with clothing items on them with actual quotes from big tobacco companies that basically show their true colors and expose them for who they really are," she said in her speech.

Nearly a thousand kids become regular smokers each day. In Arkansas, tobacco use claims nearly 5,000 lives a year and cost more than $800 million in heath care bills.

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