LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Loblolly Creamery honored the Dreamland Ballroom with an ice cream flavor.

The limited edition "Dreamlandaberry" debuted Wednesday at the Green Corner Store in Little Rock. A portion of the sales benefits the ballroom, which is undergoing renovations. Once known for its performances more than 60 years ago, it has fallen into disrepair.

Cindy Steele is chair of the ballroom board and said they're making a comeback.

"May the first is our brick dedication, and we'll be closing off the street, and we're going to have a club upstairs dancing in the ballroom, and we'll have food," she described.

Steele said they have a new floor, new bathrooms, and a new ceiling, and they're now working on their elevator fund.

There's no timeline on when they'll be finished.

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