LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Advantages range from communication to education when it comes to equipping children with mobile technology.

As children use devices, there are steps parents can take to ensure their safety. Prentice O'Guinn with Verizon Wireless has more on "THV 11 News This Morning".

Help protect younger children with Kid's Place:

There are times when it is beneficial to give a young child your smartphone; however you don't want your child to end up in your contacts or home email or ....other places.

• This app limits your child's access while they are on your smartphone
• Parents select applications available for their children to use
• Kid's Place then locks the child's access to everything else on the phone
• Available on the Android Market for free

Teens and distracted driving: With an estimated 24-percent of all crashes attributed to mobile phone usage, we can help stop this from increasing with a few simple tools.

Safely Go:
• Allows texts/calls from 3 VIP's while driving
• Gives access to 3 "driving apps" while driving
• An automatic response is sent to all incoming text messages notifying the sender that you are driving and can't get to your phone

GPS Heroes:
• This is a device, not an app
• Combines an in-vehicle device with internet, GPS and wireless data technologies
• Allows parents to easily monitor teen drivers while driving
• Informs you every time the ignition is turned on or off and of every stop the vehicle makes
• Tracks miles and engine hours
• See a "breadcrumb" trail showing how your child got from one location to another
• Even lets you know when a car needs oil change, tire rotation
• Receive alerts anytime your child goes outside a pre-designated area
• Receive "report cards" to monitor stats
• Visit any Verizon Wireless store for more information

Family Locator:
• Tracks location of anyone on your account
• Download app onto any phone on your account
• View their location on map, enabled through GPS technology that is consistently updated
• Receive updates when they arrive/depart locations you pre-set into Family Locator

Usage Controls:
• Parents can watch how many minutes, texts and amount of data their children are using each month
• Set time restrictions so children's texting or calling features are not available during certain times

Create a mutual understanding
• Make sure your child clearly understands the responsibility of owning a mobile device. Whether you want to create a contract with your child to implement some safety measures for using their phone, or utilize some of our tips, be sure to let you children know that you have the final say, and that ultimately, you want them to be safe
• For more information visit

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