UNDATED (CNN) -- A savvy high school senior in California took to YouTube to land his high-profile prom date. And Sports Illustrated swim suit cover model Kate Upton says YES.

Everyone wants her, but will this high school senior get her? Jake Davidson says, "It hit me. Why don't I ask Kate Upton to prom. It was a pipe dream. Everyone was like you're crazy. you're going to embarrass yourself. "

But instead of embarrassing himself, he ended up on the Today Show talking to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on the phone. She said on the phone, "This just got so much better now that you're on the phone. I loved the video. it was so hilarious."

In the video, from the chaise lounge to the mirror, he wooed her. He said, "Kate we can ride around all night long, till 11. That's my curfew."

He recounted their 'commonalities saying, "You're on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I read Sports Illustrated.
And she's being a good sport about your invitation, Jake.

She even tweeted "How could I turn down that video. I'll check my schedule." other mere mortals have asked out celebrities. Mila Kunis was invited to the marine corps ball via YouTube video, and they ended up going together.

Justin Timberlake got an invite from this marine corporal who said, "And if you can't go all I have to say is cry me a river."

Nobody had to cry. Justin said yes. But Jake Davidson and a film student friend shooting the video took it to a whole new level...a shower scene?

It was a nice touch bantering from the shower, Jake, but maybe a little too forward. Just because Kate Upton goes "polar bare' doesn't mean you have to.

Jake says his friends keep imitating what he calls his "nasally voice" he says he was stricken by allergies.

Meanwhile, Kate Upton's been stricken by pressure. She told the website Mashable, "The pressure's on and you guys, the news, are putting it."

She's says she still has to adjust her schedule while he's adjusting his savings to splurge on wheels for prom night.

Jake's got visions of the Rolls Royce of swimsuit models swimming in his head.

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