CANAL FULTON, OH (CNN) -- A vet just doing her job brought a deer back to life and now, almost a decade later, has a friend for life. Here's an introduction to an incomparable doe named Dillie.

She's nearly four feet tall, weighs 130 pounds, and is quite the kisser. Veterinarian Melanie Butera says, "She's such a loving animal, so full of love and joy and really a gift to us."

And if you think Dillie the domesticated deer is single, 'mom' Melanie Butera says think again. Kenny is a farm-raised goat in Florida. Yes, they're in a long distance relationship. His photo sits on Dillie's nightstand.

Butera says she didn't intend to take Dillie in as a pet nine year's ago. She says, "She was comatose actually...her body temp didn't even register."

But when she nursed this farm-raised doe back to health, she realized that she didn't' like being out in the barn with the horses, so Dillie started hanging inside.

Now her 'dad' Steve Heathman wouldn't have it any other way. He says, "She does the same things I do, helps clean the house, helps with making the beds, we're just real close."

Dillie's day starts at 5:30 every morning. She wakes up and goes downstairs to get some cereal, bananas, and some tea here, but right now she's more interested in my hand.

And Dillie is one popular doe. Butera says, "It's wonderful at the same time that she touches people all over the world."

She's got her own website, Facebook page, and even a web cam in her bedroom which has attracted more than a million viewers. Butera says, "She's got fans in Germany, and Brazil, and South Korea. I mean it's crazy. It crazy, but it's neat crazy."

Because the Dillie is a farm-born deer it is legal for Butera to have her as a pet. In addition to her web cam, and Facebook presence, Dillie also has a book titled "Dillie the deer: Love on Hooves."

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