NEWMAN, GA (CBS) - Some photos are priceless, especially after they disappear. It happened to a Georgia woman who lost her camera on vacation. The camera turned up five years later on the other side of the Pacific.

Lindsay Scallan's 2007 dream vacation to Hawaii with friends was perfect, until the night she went scuba diving. She says, "I remember it very clearly. I will never do a night dive again. It was scary (because of) sharks and blackness and current and lost my camera."

Her Canon camera in its waterproof case, strapped to her wrist, had disappeared in the water, or so she thought.

The camera has re-surfaced. That's big news in Hawaii, where it was lost, but it was even bigger news in Taiwan where it was found.

From Maui, the camera drifted to the coast of Taitung, Taiwan. That's 6,000 miles in five years. A man named Douglas Cheng found it on the beach last month covered in barnacles and sand.

But inside, Cheng found 100 photos on the memory card. He recognized Hawaii in them, and contacted media in Honolulu to start a world-wide search for the mystery blond woman.

Lindsay Scallon and her friend Jessica got a Facebook message this week. A high school friend had seen a story on-line about the well-travelled camera that included photos. Lindsay says, "It said, 'Hey Lindsay, looks like somebody found the camera, here is the link.' And the rest is history. At first I thought it was a scam and then I got to read it and I was like, 'Oh my goodness, this is for real and this is my camera and I recognize that picture,' and I found some other links that showed more pictures and this is my camera! I couldn't believe it."

Lindsay says, "Especially seeing my face plastered all over the internet, a little weird."

Last night Lindsay and Douglas Cheng had a video chat on line. It was the first time they had spoken. She told him she's coming to Taiwan. He offered to be her tour guide.

Lindsay will get her camera back, and be able thank in person the man who found it. He works for China Airlines. The carrier will fly her to Taiwan this June, for free.

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